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Albuquerque Chapter 11 Attorneys

Bankruptcy provides you with an automatic stay from vendors, creditors, tax collectors and others seeking to collect on your debt. This breathing space gives you and your lawyer the time to develop a thorough plan to get out of debt, whether through the filing of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy or through other alternatives to bankruptcy.

As a business owner himself, our founder, attorney William F. Davis, understands what you have put into your business and how hard it can be to face the reality of business bankruptcy. He has a keen understanding of business and finance, which he brings to each individual case, and he uses this knowledge to help his clients overcome their debt troubles.

William F. Davis & Associates, P.C., offers free initial consultations where you can sit down with an experienced lawyer and frankly discuss your current situation. We can help you understand the law and your options. Contact our Albuquerque, New Mexico, bankruptcy law firm online or call us at 505-243-6129 or 800-675-6129 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Work to Get Your Reorganization Plan Accepted

We carefully review your business to determine if it has sufficient business prospects and cash flow to file for Chapter 11 reorganization. We can assist in analyzing your business structure and work with the interested parties, the banks, the vendors and other creditors to get a plan of reorganization accepted.

In most situations, we advise our business clients not to file bankruptcy until they have explored all options short of bankruptcy to resolve their financial situation. We only advise the bankruptcy solution when we believe it is the best option in a particular situation.

Legal Assistance for Your Personal Bankruptcy Needs

Although usually only businesses filed under Chapter 11, some individuals with high earnings or larger debts may also find that Chapter 11 is their best bankruptcy option as well. If a person's debt is quite large and he or she has a high income. However, he or she has another alternative: Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy attorneys have the experience to guide you through the bankruptcy process and determine which option best fits your financial needs.

Nationwide Business Bankruptcy Lawyers With Experience

We are not the kind of firm that will provide you with a cookie-cutter solution to your problems. More than 25 years of helping business owners successfully work their way out of debt has taught us there isn't one.

Our firm's lawyers listen carefully to our clients' concerns. We analyze each business, whether it is a small dress shop or a large grocery chain, and advise our clients about which option may be the best way to resolve their financial situation. We have bankruptcy accounting services provided by an accountant with more than 21 years of experience providing accounting services to businesses.

Contact Our Bankruptcy Law Firm Today

Speak to a caring, experienced and proven lawyer about your debt troubles. Contact our bankruptcy law firm online or call us at 505-243-6129 or 800-675-6129 to schedule a free initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.